A Boutique Litigation Law Firm

At Glazier Yee, we bring together attorneys and staff with decades of successful results in business litigation and counseling to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Over the last twenty-five years, our founders, Guy Glazier and Laura Yee, along with their partners, of counsel, and associate attorneys, have represented and counseled hundreds of America’s most successful companies. We have tried cases across the country and delivered unmatched business litigation and litigation-avoidance results.

Our credentials and past performance speak for themselves. Nevertheless, we always work our cases mindful that potential is interesting, but results matter. We approach each new client and case confident in our high-caliber qualifications but ready to deliver those results.

Our Principles

Our attorneys and staff are more than professional colleagues. We are a diverse team of advocates who have bonded over years of challenges, successes, and individual and group achievements . . . in the courtroom and out. We are aligned in principles and values. Each of us demonstrates our commitment to our values in our work. At Glazier Yee, we are:

Invested Partners

We recognize that the choice of a law firm is an investment of your time, trust, and money. While business litigation and counseling are not your business, they impact your bottom line. We want you to feel that the value of our services is equal to or exceeds your commitment to us. We accomplish this by carefully maintaining our rates at reasonable and equitable levels across the board. We also go a step further: we carefully analyze your case or project up front and provide a prognosis, budget, and recommendations so you have all the information you need to decide the best course of action. Though we cannot predict the future, our decades of experience give us the confidence that, for each dollar you invest in our partnership, we will provide outstanding representation, advice, and results.


Our niche is your niche. One of the hallmarks of our success is our commitment to being knowledgeable partners, not just about the law but about your business. We get to know you, your industry, and your products and services; our strategies and recommendations are reflections of those efforts. Having cursory knowledge of a client’s business is good enough for many firms. It is not sufficient for us. Our attorneys have a well-earned reputation for fully understanding all aspects of your business, including: your industry, history, products, services, and objectives.


We are dedicated to putting in the time and effort for you. We strive to demonstrate our commitment to your success through open communication, thorough preparation, and unparalleled service. Our dedication goes beyond the time we spend on your case. In a business rife with legal and practical conflicts, we choose to be thoughtful about the clients and work we accept and carefully consider how new cases may impact our relationship with you. We take our profession personally and endeavor to show our dedication through each interaction with you.


Our team of attorneys and staff have strong backgrounds in diverse areas of business litigation and counseling. Our twenty-five years of experience includes a wide variety of litigation specialties for a diverse array of entities.

Litigation Specialities

  • Environmental
  • Product Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Aerospace
  • Business Contracts
  • Telecommunications
  • First Amendment
  • Trademark
  • Employment
  • White Collar Defense
  • Banking and Finance

Entity Types

  • Defense Contractors
  • Federal and National Banks
  • Oil and Gas Interests
  • Manufacturers, Designers, and Retailers
  • Regional Hospitals
  • Commercial Real Estate Owners and Interests

Representative Experience

  • Tried numerous cases through jury verdict and managed both complex and simple litigation from inception through trial
  • Conducted and coordinated large volume, multi-party discovery and motion practice
  • Prepared, defended, examined, and cross-examined numerous world-renowned experts in varied specialties, including: medical, manufacturing, environmental, aviation, industrial hygiene, and economics

Potential is interesting, but results matter.