Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are Glazier Yee Business Imperatives

Glazier Yee is an industry leader in DEI – reaching goals over a decade ago to which other firms can only begin to aspire. We do not rest on these laurels. Embedded in our values and actions is the underlying principle that diverse perspectives lead to winning results. We pride ourselves on building, maintaining, and strengthening connections with clients and their diverse workforce, businesses, ideas, and goals. We recognize that to authentically prioritize and capitalize on those relationships, our team of trial lawyers and staff must reflect the communities in which we live and serve.

Our partnership is 33% women, 33% Latino/a, and 33% military veteran. Our staff likewise reflects traditionally under-represented communities in the legal profession and broader business sectors. We wear this diversity, equity, and inclusion as a badge of honor and we deliver better results because of it.

The diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, skills, and viewpoints at Glazier Yee enhance and empower our ability to support your business, understand your challenges and goals, forge bonds based on loyalty and trust, and craft innovative litigation strategies. Simply put, our team is better positioned to identify and resolve issues because all perspectives have a seat at our table – perspectives developed from lived experiences that often are undervalued by other law firms.

Our ability effectively to contribute to your business is driven by our aptitude to identify, address, and resolve your legal issues. At Glazier Yee, we draw upon our differences to support the collaborative role we play in achieving your goals and delivering the best possible results.