Our Capabilities

Product and Premises Liability

Product Liability litigation can result in high verdicts and significant negative publicity. It is critical to have at your immediate disposal a rapid deployment legal defense force ready to formulate and execute a multi-pressure-point litigation strategy to achieve winning results. At Glazier Yee, we have built a reputation of excellence in product liability defense. Designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of products ranging from electrical circuits and chemical polymers to military and civilian aircraft, rocket bodies, and amphibious ships rely upon our attorneys to protect their brand, reputation, and products.

We approach every case with the end goal— your success— in mind. First and foremost, we analyze every case in reverse—starting with the applicable jury instructions. At the on-set of litigation, it is critical to know exactly what the jury will be told about “how to decide the case.” From there, we carefully craft an aggressive defense strategy designed to extricate our client from the case as rapidly as possible and well before trial. However, if trial is necessary, we are fully prepared and well-positioned to win it exactly as we planned from the beginning.

We pride ourselves on, and are renowned for, understanding your product and your business better than your opponents, their attorneys, and their paid experts. The more technically complex the product, the better. Our commitment to understanding the intricacies of the products at issue has proven to be a critical aspect of achieving early and successful results . . . repeatedly.

Our aggressive approach, honed by our years of experience and technical expertise, has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to product designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.