Our Capabilities

Aerospace and Aviation

Glazier Yee’s aerospace and aviation practice is supported by so much more than our legal acumen and our technical expertise—it is a part of who we are as a team. Our firm was built on a foundation of aviation experience, led by founders Guy Glazier and Laura Yee.

Guy earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in fluid dynamics and aeronautics before serving in the U.S. Marine Corps as a combat engineer officer. Laura Yee’s work encompasses decades of hands-on mechanical work on aircraft systems and products, including the disassembling and assembling of piston and jet engines, removal and replacement of aircraft brakes, and participation in airframe maintenance, repairs, and restorations. She also has mastered rocket motor, missile, and spacecraft concepts, products, and operations

Our firm’s unmatched technical knowledge and industry relationships with aviation and aerospace experts in numerous sub-specialties have facilitated twenty-five years of success representing commercial and military aerospace manufacturers, component suppliers, and affiliates.

We successfully have defended clients worldwide in cases involving aircraft and space vehicle products liability, contract disputes, insurance coverage issues, and aircraft crashes. We leverage our team’s significant history and battle-tested experience in the fields of aviation and aerospace to help you navigate complex legal issues and position you to achieve the best possible results.